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    Bekannte Youtuberin stirbt bei Unfall mit E-Scooter in London

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    Die bekannte britische Youtuberin Emily Hartridge ist im Alter von 35 Jahren ums Leben gekommen. Das teilte die Zeitung „The Sun“ am Sonntag mit.

    Demnach starb Hartridge am Freitag bei einem Unfall mit einem E-Scooter unweit ihres Hauses im Süden Londons. Diesen bekam Hartridge offenbar erst vor wenigen Tagen von ihrem Freund geschenkt. Bei der Fahrt sei die Frau mit einem Lastwagen zusammengestoßen. Sie habe schwere Verletzungen davon getragen und sei noch am Unfallort für tot erklärt worden.

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    FEAR AROUND MEN & RELATIONSHIPS 💔 - For those of us that suffer from mental health issues know the feeling of ‘fear’ all too well and really that‘s what anxiety is.....FEAR 😨 • Some might be similar and some might be exactly the same as others but if your anxiety or depression has got so severe then you have let fear completely take over. Fear is in the driving seat and all irrational thinking goes out the window 🤚🏽 • I have briefly mentioned this before but I have a HUGE fear around men and relationships. I guess when you have had so many failed relationships that it’s the natural outcome but throw severe anxiety into the mix and you have a huge clusterfuck right there 🤯 • Meeting @jacob_hazell totally took me by surprise and to be honest I had accepted that I was going to be alone forever and had made my peace with it 🙏 • I’ll be honest, I was f*cking terrified 😱Terrified of having my heart broken again 😱Terrified of losing my identity again 😱 Terrified of falling back into my old co dependant ways 😱 • I felt totally out of my depth and my anxiety had removed all my rational thinking. It was a head versus heart situation and I was very much ignoring my heart😳 • So I went to see a relationship therapist and it was literally the best decision I have ever made. She was able to help me navigate my fears and rationalise the ridiculous ones. I thought I could figure it out alone but I was drowning and I had so much fear around losing Jake because of my inability to rationalise my fears 😥 • Fast forward 5 months and I have never been happier 😊 Turns out I am not a co dependant person at all 🙅🏻‍♀️ When you meet the right person and you know they are never going to leave you, turns out I am f*cking relaxed and happy doing my own thing 😊 • My anxiety almost ruined what is the most amazing relationship I have ever had and honestly it was because I sought help for it. My therapist helped me understand that it was my fear of being broken hearted again that was holding me back and why I was protecting myself 🙌🏼 • We all have fears but NEVER let them get in the way of what you REALLY want ❤️ • @georgiespurling 📸

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    Hartridge hatte auf der Videoplattform Youtube 340.000 Abonnenten, bei Instragram etwa 50.000. In ihrem Blog hatte Hartridge hauptsächlich über das Lifestyle und die gesunde Lebensweise berichtet. Sie hatte unter anderem oft Fotos und Videos von ihren Trainings und Reisen veröffentlicht.   

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    Публикация от Emily Hartridge (@emilyhartridge)


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